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Select Board Meeting - July 12th, 2023

Please note change of location due to flood damage.

Wed July 12th 2023 at 04:30 PM
Clarksburg Community Center
712 W Cross Rd
Clarksburg MA, 01247 Directions


  1. Open meeting
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Agricultural Commission formation
  4. Why HMP and MVP are important in light of recent events
    -road damage
    -River bank erosion
  5. 225 Committee
  6. Massworks update
  7. Middle Rd culvert update
  8. Unfinished business and/or updates
  9. Adjourn


Meeting called to order at 4:30pm by Robert Norcross

The pledge was recited.

Present was Selectboard member Dan Haskins, Town Administrator Carl McKinney, DPW Foreman Kyle Hurlbut, Peter Gentile of Northern Berkshire Television, Martha & Dan Tanner, Joeph and Kate Smith, Bob Maynard and Sherdyl Fernandez ‘Aubert from BRPC. 

Martha Tanner presented her letter of intent for the Agricultural Commission and Sharon’s letter of intent to the board.  The Board informed them prior to their first meeting the Town Clerk will have to swear them in & they will have to complete their Ethics & open meeting course.  Carl asked if she had any questions or requests.  Martha asked if another individual was interested in the committee what the procedure would be.  Carl said they would have to submit a letter of interest and they must be Clarksburg residents.  Robert motioned to appoint Martha Tanner & Sharon Wyrrick to the Agricultural Commission. Dan second, motion carried.

The Hazard mitigation & municipal vulnerability plan involves the Towns drainage and all the damage from the storm. The DPW had to close Horrigan Rd due to 2 culverts collapsing.  There is a landslide on West Rd.  The damage estimates are 1.839 million and need to be into MIMA by Friday July 14, 2023.  All areas of weakness have been identified.  The flooded locations were documented previously in the MVP plan.  The MVP action grant will hopefully assist with repairs.  Robert spoke of Carson Ave; the river has shifted, and the bank has erosion. The 1st stage of the MVP grant to hire an engineer is done.  The Grant will be announced in August. 

Robert informed the board there are two major beaver dams up past conte heights.  He believes the new owner has trapped beavers and Robert is concerned it may be a wildlife sanctuary.  Robert is checking to see if everything is being followed legally.  Resident Joesph Smith of 131 Horrigan is an abutter to the land being discussed is concerned hearing that the beavers have been removed what that will mean for the wetlands.

Bob Maynard of 365 West Rd. gave kudos to Kyle Hurlbut DPW Foreman for all the hard work the DPW has been doing. He recommended hiring another DPW employee to help with maintaining the infrastructure.  Robert stated we are applying for grants to fix the infrastructure problem.  Carl noted that the sewer lines need repair. The price of culverts & black top has increased. The finances of the Town are not capable of hiring another full-time DPW position this year. There were no applicants for the summer help job.  Many of the Town boards need volunteers & help. 

Robert stated the Town Hall employees are getting back on their feet and catching up on neglected issues.  DPW & Town Hall have an excellent crew. Town Hall suffered an estimated $45,000 in damage due to the flooding.  Chief Mike Williams Emergency Management Director is submitting the estimate Friday July 14, 2023.  Carl thanked the Police & Fire Dept for their hard work.  The Towns infrastructure has been severely neglected in the hopes of lower taxes.   Volunteers worked with employees at Town Hall with sump pumps and significantly with the flooding.  Joseph Smith asked about rural government coalitions.  Robert said the governor is putting together a committee for rural issues.  Paul Mark oversees 57.  Robert & Lauren Norcross went to Springfield to advocate for Clarksburg.  Carl testified pleading Clarksburg’s case.

The 225 Anniversary celebration is scheduled for September 9, 2023, at the Town Field.  Robert thanked the corporations that have donated.  There will be a climbing wall for kids, entertainment and every group will have a booth with a liaison. 

The culvert next to Torchias house bid is this month.  A pre walk bid will take place at the end of this month for the paving section.   Robert is hoping by next May 2024 the Town will apply for the grant for the 2nd half of Middle Rd.  Massworks grant allows for infrastructure repair with sewer and water lines. 

 Sherdyl Fernandez ‘Aubert from BRPC helps with MVP & Green Communities programs.  He gave an overview of the Mass Saves program which helps pay into utility bills, offers home energy assessments, insulation & weatherization upgrades and shifting from oil or gas to heat pumps.  Discounts are available depending on your income.  There have been issues and delays navigating the program due to shortages.  Several towns are present in Community First Partnership.  The Net Zero planning through is available through the DOR as part of the Regional Planning Energy Efficient Program.  The rewards for that grant program should be released at the end of August.

Robert motioned to adjourn the meeting @ 5:15pm



Rachelle Bleau

Administrative Assistant

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