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Clarksburg Historical Commission

The Clarksburg Historical Commission is now being revived and organizing photos, news clippings and other items previously given to the Historical Society.  While you’re doing your spring cleaning, you might come across items that would be of historical value, if not from years ago, it could be something current that would be of value years from now.  Family photos (hopefully with names & dates attached), news clippings,  photos of old buildings that are no longer in existence, school records/photos, VFW events, obituaries, items from former Clarksburg businesses (or even current ones)…anything Clarksburg related.   Also, we could use family histories/genealogies of Clarksburg residents.   If you’re not sure, bring it to Town Hall and give it to Debbie.  If we can’t use it, we’ll get back to you.

In organizing old town reports, we are missing those prior to 1885, and also the year 1992.  You may even find items at a tag sale that we could use.  From time to time, we’ll be publishing old photos, hoping that the people in the photos can be identified.


  • Edward Denault -2021
  • Jeanne Moulthrop -2022
  • Susan Brandon - 2023
  • Joseph Bushika - 2023


January 19, 2021 Minutes 

December 8, 2020 Minutes

November 10, 2020 Minutes

October 6, 2020 Minutes 

August 4, 2020 Minutes 


If you recognize anyone not noted below - contact Jeanne @ 413 663-3630