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Selectboard Meeting - Feb. 15th, 2024

Thu February 15th 2024 at 01:00 PM
Ketchum Memorial Meeting Room @ Town Hall
111 River Rd.
Clarksburg MA, 01247 Directions


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Thomas Irwin presentation for support of paint recycling and request for vote to support resolution. Motion to approve or not
  4. Appoint Patricia Morrissey to the Historical Commission
  5. Discuss rolling shelving for historic record retention
  6. Cyber security grant endorsement
  7. Discuss STAM legislative priorities
  8. ADA grant
  9. Authorize Police Chief Mike Williams to appoint Police Officer detail(s) for the 2024 calendar year elections as follows:
    • Presidential Primary  March 5th, 2024  6am to 9pm
    • Annual Town Meeting May 14th, 2024  12Noon to 7pm
    • State Primary Election September 3rd, 2024 6am to 9pm
    • State (Presidential Election) November 5th, 2024 6am to 9pm
  10. Presentation by the Historical Commission regarding Community Preservation Act
    • motion to proceed or not
  11. Presentation by the Agricultural Commission regarding Right to Farm designation
    1. motion to proceed or not
  12. Discuss Supporting 2024 Legislative Priorities proposed by STAM.  As-is? Edit? Support
    1. motion to approve or not
  13. Review and/or approve UCD License T Rotolo
  14. To review and/or approve mutual aid agreements with BLEC and Bennington County Sherrifs  Dept.  Motion required.
  15. Review and/or approve warrants