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Clarksburg-Stamford Interstate School Merger – Consultant’s Final Report

PCG partnered with the Towns of Clarksburg and Stamford in 2018-2019 to conduct a feasibility study to inform the decision-making of a potential merger between the two districts. PCG was charged with presenting multiple options for district consolidation and reorganization across state lines. PCG produced two reports as an outcome of that work. In Summer 2019, informed by PCG’s analysis, each town held a Special Town meeting to vote on continued exploration of the merger.

PCG reengaged with the Towns in December 2019 to continue to conduct the research and analysis necessary to move this complicated work forward. PCG conducted over 50 interviews to identify constraints and other factors that may impact merger success. These included multiple conversations
with officials from both state education agencies. In addition, PCG reviewed numerous data, documents, and written policies. This report outlines next steps and key decision points if both Towns choose to continue to move forward with the merger.

Download the full report here

(.pdf reader required)