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Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership
Forest-Based Economic Development and Conservation

Meeting Notice 

April 21st 2021 3pm-4:30pm

1. Welcome & brief introductions - including strengths (all members)
2. Define/create our mission statement - Discussion of guidance documents (e.g. - pages 4, 5, & 6 of MTWP FAQ – see )
3. Define our programs/projects/priorities to recommend to full Board in June
4. Identify research needs/sources that address needs of program
5. Need to update Plan in light of enabling legislation and shared Stewardship agreement? (future)
6. Begin thinking about Natural Resource & Recreation Assessment – a deliverable in late 2021
7. Follow-up discussions and ZOOM meetings needed – schedule TBD
8. Attend virtual Annual Meeting in June to deliver group’s recommendations w/ ranked priorities
9. Other items - not on the agenda
10. Adjournment

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