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Since republishing Ethel Mae Marsden’s “Clarksburg, Massachusetts, Then and Now, 1749 – 1962”, we’ve had many requests for a more recent edition that would bring us to the present time.  While this is actually not a function of the Historic Commission, we are happy to work with people who could bring us their memories or photos, etc.  We could work on compiling the information, but also would love to have someone come forward to volunteer to put the history together so that we could publish an updated version.

Do you have old photos that we could copy?  Do you have memories of events from your years in Clarksburg that you would be willing to share with us – either written or one of our members could sit down with you to talk about them? 

Please feel free to contact any of the members of the Historic Commission.  You could even mail or drop off your information at Town Hall for us.