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Fee Schedules

Board of Health Permitting Fees 

Soil Percolation Test

$150.00 Flat
$65.00 Per Hour Witness Fee

Septic Inspections:
 - Title 5 Inspections as follows:

Existing System
 - (sale of house)
Disposal System Const. Permit
 - (tank, d-box, leach field)
$90.00 Flat Fee
$60.00 per component
$65.00 Per Hour Witness Fee
Disposal System Const. Permit
 - (new/replacement of entire septic

Septic Installers License (annually) - $65.00

Well Installation - $100.00 (non-inclusive of potability test)

Certificate of Occupancy (apartment)

$25.00 per unit
$10.00 for each additional follow up inspection

Catering/Special Event - $40.00

Food Service (safe-serve) - per event $40.00

Food Service (safe-serve) Restaurant - $200.00

Bed & Breakfast - Air B&B/Transient

Room Rentals $25.00 Business Registration
Biannual occupancy (safety Insp.) $35.00 each
Water pot ability testing filing (admin) $15.00 every 6 months



Planning Board Fees

Land Subdivision - Form A
 - (1 lot split to 2 lots)
$75.00 Flat Fee
Land Subdivision - Form C  $200.00 plus $50.00 per lot
Site Plan Review Submission  $150.00 plus expenses associated
Public Hearing Hosting Fee   $30.00 plus expenses associated


Zoning Board of Appeals Fees

Appeal Application (incl. 1 site visit) $75.00 Plus advertising and abutters notification
Site visits in excess of 1 $30.00 per additional visit


Sewer & Water Fees

Public Sewer Connection $275.00 per unit
Public Water Connection $100.00 per unit
Public Sewer Disconnection $50.00 witness fee
Public Water Disconnection $50.00 witness fee


Road Related Permit Fees

Road Opening Permit $50.00 Application Fee
Road Cutting/Opening Fee $200.00 up to 100 Sq. Ft.
- $2.00 each additional Sq. Ft.
Driveway Permit from a Town Way $100.00 per opening/connection
Trench Permit $40.00 Flat Fee, $10.00 per inspection

**** All Driveway Construction or Road Opening Permits on River Road Rt. 8 MUST be obtained from Mass. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) @ (413)637-5721.  If the Town is to be required to open the roadway, a Fee of $100.00 per hour will apply.



Electrical Permit Fees

Minimum Fee $40.00 Flat
Fixtures (switches, outlets) $1.00 Per Fixture,  $75.00 Maximum Fee
New Residential/Commercial Structure $80.00 Flat Fee
Multi Unit Residential/Commercial  $100.00 Plus .10 Per 1,000 S.F of heated Space
Temporary Service $65.00 Flat Fee
Solar Panels + Building permit
 -  (roofs or ground mounted)
$75.00 Flat Fee
per Kilowatt Hour
Non-Heated Space
 - (barns, garages, sheds)
$75.00 Per sq. ft.
Industrial - New Construction $375.00 Flat Fee
Industrial - Alternation/Renovation $10.00 Per Receptacles/Switch
Hard Wired Smoke/Carbon Detector  $50.00 First, $25.00 each additional
Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement $75.00 First, $1.00 each additional
New Meter Socket(s) Residential  $75.00 First, $15.00 each additional
New Meter Socket(s) Commercial  $100.00 First, $25.00 each additional
New Meter Sockets(s) Industrial $250.00 First, $50.00 each additional
220 Volt Outlet Installation, Replacement  $25.00 All Zoning Classifications
Blanket Industrial/Commercial
 - Maintenance Permit for 12 Months 
Oil Burner $40.00

Town Clerk Fees

Copies of Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificates
$10.00 per copy
Business Certificate (DBA)
Marriage Intentions


Dog License - Neutered/Spayed $5
Dog License - Intact $12


Conservation Commission Fees

Determination of Applicability $150.00 plus Advertising Costs
Notice of Intent Set by State, plus Advertising Cost
Order on Conditions, Town Drafting Fee $20.00
Order of Conditions Town Filing Fee $20.00 Plus Filing Expenses
Certification of Compliance Town Filing Fee $25.00
Herbicide Wetland Application Town Filing Fee $35.00
Clean Fill Permit $50.00 One Visit
$25.00 for each additional visits


Recreational Area Use Fees

Resident $25.00
Non-Resident $50.00
Non-Profit Organization $50.00
Town Building Rental Fee $75.00 + $50.00 Deposit Fee


Cemetery Fees

Purchase of Lots
 - Resident
 - Former Resident

$350.00 Per Grave
$450.00 Per Grave
Burial Fees
 - Basic Grave Opening
 - Burial of Cremated Remains

Additional Fees (Added to above)
 - Saturday Burial
 - Late Day Burial (after 2:00 pm)
 - Holiday Burial


Disinterment/Removal Fee $1,250.00 Plus cost of burial fee

***** Please note NO personal checks are accepted.  Must come from Funeral Director.  If no Funeral Director, all payments must be money order or certified check made out to Town of Clarksburg.


Copy Fees

Copy Machine .20/copy
Computer Copy .15/copy
Zoning Bylaws Complete $20.00 - if mailed $25.00
Assessor Cards $1.00 each page (first one is free)