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Clarksburg School Committee Meeting - May 6th, 2021

Due to the continued unsettled weather forecast, this meeting will be held online using Google Meets (sign in details are included on the agenda). Weather permitting, the plan will be to hold the June School Committee Meeting in person, outdoors on the school grounds.

Thu May 6th 2021 05:00 PM

In accordance with recent legislation due to COVID-19, this meeting will be conducted remotely.  The committee and the public may participate by computer or phone using the following information:

Join by Google Meeting ID

Join by phone:

(PIN 399 631 545#)


  1. Call to order:
  2. Public Comment:
  3. Approval of Minutes: Suggested Motion: Move to approve the minutes from the most recent School Committee Meeting dated April 1, 2021.
  4. Financial Statement: Suggested Motion: Move to approve the current financial statement for FY21.
  5. Principal’s Report: Principal Barnes will provide an update and review items related to professional development, teaching/learning, staffing, and school events.
  6. Superintendent’s Report:
  7. School Committee Business:
    1. New Business:
      1. COVID-19/school: Report on any updated information from the Governor, DESE Commissioner, and medical experts as part of the ongoing plan to educate the students effectively and safely in school.  Discussion and vote on discontinuing FFCRA benefits.
      2. Pre-Kindergarten Program: Continued discussion of the plan to implement a Pre-Kindergarten Program during the 2021-22 school year, including the posting of the anticipated teacher position, pending approval of the FY22 school budget at the Annual Town Meeting.
      3. Hourly rate/cafeteria workers: Discussion and vote in regard to increasing the hourly wage rates for the cafeteria staff.  This group was not included in the previous discussion about the hourly rate for paraprofessionals.
      4. Annual Town Meeting: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at the Community Center.
      5. School Choice: Discussion and vote about accepting additional School Choice students in targeted grade levels during the 2021-22 school year.
    2. Continuing Business:
      1. Building repairs and renovations:
        1. Assistant Superintendent Macksey will provide an update on the potential renovation plans for the shared learning space in the library.
  8. Executive Session- Per Chapter 30A, Section 21 MGL: None
  9. Next Meeting: Thursday, June 3, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.                      
  10. Adjournment: 

The agenda items are those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.  Posted: Any person may, pursuant to the provisions of the Open Meeting Law, audiotape an open meeting.  As such, please be advised that this meeting may be taped by any person present.